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Updated 3/25/12

The Painted Ponies of Temecula

Apple-loosa Pony - My Story

Who am I? They say I'm a fiberglass foal, but I'd rather think I'm a pony. I'm 10 hands tall, but at the tips of my ears I measure 57 inches--just under five feet. Born pure white, I've been sent to Elin Pendleton to get my "Coat of Many Colors" for the city of Temecula's Arts Council. I'm being created for the Arts in Education project, and I'll be raffled off to raise money for the children's programs in Temecula.

Oh! Look where I've wandered! I'm in a studio, and it looks like an artist who paints works here.

Elin says I'll be an "Apple-loosa" which means I'll look like a real foal, but with a blanket of red apples. How fun! Oh, here she comes! Back to looking like a statue!

Hello Elin. How are you going to start with me? She says she'll be sure I'm prepped for the applications of acrylic paint by sanding and using tri-sodium phosphate to be sure I'm spick and span. I see she started with my "points" since I'm a bay foal. Bay colored horses have black legs, mane and tails. And look, I even have an eyeball! It's nice to see you! I see she has a painting on the easel, too. Hmmm. Is that my portrait? And who is that sleeping dog at my hooves? Oh, that's Elin's constant companion, "Q", an 11 year old, 25 pound German Pinscher.

Well, I walked over to the mirror to see how much she's done, and look! I'm getting my red body color! This was specially mixed to match a "blood bay" from a horse that does the three day eventing circuit. Do you see where she's left my white blanket, near my tail? And my hooves are coming to life, with the characteristic striping of Appaloosa horses. But what's that "Old English" dust spray doing there? Elin doesn't "do" housework! Well, I'll just kick that can off my stand. Oops, she's coming back--I better get back to standing really still!

Ha! Fooled her. I'm standing still again. Now you can see how she's painting my nose (muzzle). It has the mottling that is also a characteristic of appy horses. See my striped footie-hooves? I have a blaze on my face and four white stockings!

Oooo, she snuck around to my other side and caught this view of the first layer of apples on me!

I'm standing on an old sheet. Bet she was worried I'd make a few "road apples" on her barn wood floor! Not me! Wish I could read. There are lots of horse books on that bookshelf.

Now Elin's spent a lot of time working on my apples and my face. Those apples really make me feel like an "Apple-loosa!" My eyes now have the sclera (white edge) that appys have, and the mottled skin around the muzzle. And you'll see more of my mottled skin 'way back between my back legs, too. Now don't go staring! Oh, you're looking at her stained glass? She does that too, when she finds the time.

Now she's also working on my legs, making them look more natural.

I've been carrying on conversations with "Piper" the cockatiel when Elin's not around. His home is behind me.

Here's a closeup of my purty head. My eyes even look like they're alive (I really am, but Elin's fooled.). I even have the mottled skin around my eyes. I feel so ALIVE! Shhhh, here she comes again!

Elin put me up on this table, she says, so she can work on my lower legs and base. I just think she wanted me to have a better look at her working space. I weigh 80 pounds, and am not difficult to move.

Look, Piper! I'm taller than you are!

Oh! She took away my stockings! Guess she feels there aren't too many horses with four white stockings, so maybe I'll have none? I'll have to ask her when she returns. Lookit all the leaves on my apples!

Now I see she wants just one half sock in back, on that angled leg. She says it makes my legs look longer and more elegant. OK, I can go with that.

She's been working on my base, making it like a lot of corrals in California--the usual multicolored dust!

I'm almost finished, only the little more darkening of the legs and the final varnish coat to go on to make me beautiful and shiny! I have been in Elin's studio for almost three months now, and enjoyed my stay.

She even put a big red bow on me for the Christmas parties!

The final step is to get varnished with a polyurethane, to make me all satiny. Wow! Like putting on the wedding dress!

OMYGOSH! A horse trailer! I've never seen such a thing! Elin wants to take me back to Temecula, all decked out for the special presentation on January 16 at the Promenade Mall... But I have to get in this?

Well, I guess I can do this. It doesn't look too scary. It's really clean. This must be Elin's new horse trailer. Imagine that, I bet she bought it just for me alone.

I'm in now with the help of not one, but two people. (Hee, young horses have to be coaxed, and I'm special! ) But WAITJUSTAMINUTE! Who is this? Another pony? OH... You're the Promenade Mall pony, aren't you? And you're coming with me, OK. You sure don't look like any pony I've seen, but I guess you can come, too.

My goodness, don't you look fancy, Promenade Pony. We sure are a pair! Well, c'mon in and let's get this show on the road.

January 16, Friday night, is the big "coming out" party at the Temecula Promenade Mall. Hope to see all you folks there!